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Easiest and Fastest Way To Toilet Train Your Child.

Product Features

Integrated CHILD & ADULT Toilet seat
One Seat for the Entire Family!

ticBuilt in Child Seatlittle girl learning how to toilet train

ticSafe and Secure

ticRound and Elongated Styles

ticSoft-Close Seat

tic Easy to Clean

ticEasy Installation

Child toilet seat closed adult-child-integrated-toilet-seatintegrated-child-adult-toilet-seat                       easy-to-use-toilet-seat-for-children

The must have for potty training and beyond. Virtually everyone will love the fact the seat is super easy and most especially clean to use. Never make contact with dribbles again, never move anything off the toilet or touch anything “icky”. House guests will love it if they even notice it on your toilet, its so superbly built you don’t even notice there is a potty seat. Kids love it. We love love this product and the cost is well worth it and it helped to train our daughter at a young age… Monkey see monkey doo… What child wants to pee on the floor on a potty and what parent wants to clean it up! Get your Easy Potty Trainer today and end the toilet training frustration.


Best Purchase

When our granddaughter started toilet training, we decided to help out by installing an easy-trainer for her visits to our house. It took only one try for her to start using the easy-trainer. It took several more weeks before she would use the separate top mount trainer that my daughter was using at home.
- Nana Beamish

Wish I had bought this sooner!

After many attempts at getting my son comfortable with the toilet, I came across this item - it worked like a charm! The child seat allows children to sit closer to the rim than most reducer rings which enables my son to sit comfortably with his legs bent and on a stool, and the seat is wide enough that he can place his hands on it to feel more stable. The adult seat is thinner, but manageable. It is nice to to have a versatile toilet seat that doesn't require much fuss when someone big or small needs to go. It uses screws at the back to hold the seat in place making it more secure. I wouldn't recommend standing on the toilet lid - am sure it would be okay, but would rather not find out the hard way. Service was quick and courteous, and the item arrived the same week I ordered it. I highly recommend for anyone that is potty training, particularly with anyone who may be having difficulties with getting their child to not be fearful of the toilet.
- Anion

Works Well and Sturdy

only thing that would have been good is if the top cover was slow close too. besides that a good product.
- Natalie K. Richardon

Excellent Product

My son was afraid of the toilet and nothing I tried made him feel secure. When I showed him this toilet seat he was very excited and tried it right away. He has been using it on his own since. I love how the child seat is wide so he can put his hands on it for extra support and it doesn't "wiggle" around like other trainer seats we've tried. Happy I tried it and will be purchasing more for the other bathrooms in our house.
- Christineon