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It’s potty training weekend! Perfect timing. Thanks for the speedy service!  I’ll tell all my friends with kids about you!  I was referred to you by a friend too. She’s thrilled with your product!

– Sara

The Potty trainers are great and very handy, and definitely motivated my kids to potty train faster. I also like the slow-closing lid- no more slamming toilet seats!


–  Charles

Easy Potty Trainer is an excellent product for our family.  We bought three sets over a year ago and they are still in excellent shape.  My child uses it with ease; she knows how to flip it up and down. It is convenient for us parents without having a separate potty seat for her.

– Rev. David Wong (Florida)

When we installed our Easy Potty Trainer, our daughter felt so independent.
We got rid of her little potty and she exclusively used the big toilet.
Being able to use the toilet like her mommy and daddy was so important to
our daughter and made her switch from diapers to underwear much easier for
everyone.  We would definitely recommend the Easy Potty Trainer for toilet

– Lisa

My daughter likes the security of not feeling like she’s going to fall in.  I love the slow close lid, but wish the mechanics were such that both lids were like this.  Overall though, it is an easy setup and keeps things clean.  It is attached so you don’t have to worry about “quick, where’s the potty seat”
We like them and recommend them to others!

– Jodi

My son was already potty trained when I purchased the easy potty trainer. I ordered it because I loved the idea of the child seat permanently attached to the toilet. Some of the portable seats slip when the child sits on them It’s easy to clean.  My son has loved it from day one.

–   Marsha

Our son now treats the bathroom as his own, and another positive side effect for us is that his previous panic and using a toilet in public has disappeared.  Oddly enough, even though the public toilets don’t have the smaller seat and hold, he seems to accept that as a necessary evil. A sort of “it’s just a toilet, even if it is not as good as mine at home”…

A great product! It doesn’t confuse any adult guests either, and being integrated, it is always there for our son when he needs it.  He really (finally!) took potty training ownership once i installed theses.

Love it! 😉

–  Dena Annand

Our customers love it! Several have taken information from the sign on our bulletin board. We always have a good laugh when adults don’t realize they can flip it up, “your toilet seat is so small!” Thanks again for the install!

– Alicia- 4 Cats Art Studio – Inglewood

The Easy Potty Trainer was a great tool to help us toilet train our daughter.  The child sized seat made her feel comfortable. It was so much easier and cleaner than a removable toilet training seat.  Plus, it was very simple to install. I highly recommend the Easy Potty Trainer to others.

– Natasha

I can say that it is very easy to install and much more attractive and space saving than a floor potty or hanging seat.

– Rachel Richardson

We are very happy with the trainer and plan on buying a second one in the very near future for our upstairs.

–   Heather

My daughter is not quite 3 and has been potty trained for awhile and I credit part of our success to the EasyPotty Seat. She loves her seat so much and likes to say “little seat, big seat, and Daddy seat…. Do you have a Big Bum?” while she flips up each part of the lid.

Thank You 🙂

– Abbie

We love our Easy Potty Trainer and refer it to all our friends with little kids. We just finished our potty training a few weeks ago with great success. Number one reason I like it though – its sanitary! No cleaning out those floor pottys and no putting the removable rings on the floor. It is slick, takes up no space, comfortable and my daughter uses it independently. She loves sitting on her own and I don’t hear her calling “mom, I falling!” while she is doing her business. Finding an oval seat like yours was impossible. So when our friend mentioned your affordable, slow lowering (love that for lack of noise and little fingers!) oval seat, it sound perfect for our needs. We talk about it all the time as it is on our main floor bathroom that guests use too and they are always commenting (and in turn…we are always referring!).

So glad our friend recommended you!

From one happy toilet training mom who appreciates the simple (clean) things in life,

– Laura – Calgary

We received the Easy Potty Trainer as a gift when my older son was getting
interested in potty training. It was easy to install, attractive and
eliminated the need for a potty in the bathroom. It was, and still is,
great for our three year old, and we’ll keep it on the toilet seat for when
our younger son starts toilet training. We’ve also had many guests comment
on how great it is!


– Nancy – Calgary

It’s potty training weekend! Perfect timing. Thanks for the speedy service!  I’ll tell all my friends with kids about you!  I was referred to you by a friend too. She’s thrilled with your product!

– Sara

One was potty trained already and the other is starting now, but I don’t know whether it’s helped with potty training per se. But we love it just for the convenience factor, and everyone that comes over asks about it and I pass on your website address!

– Dayna

We still use our potty and the kids that come over LOVE it!  Their moms does well, and wish they had something like it when their kids were younger. I have no regrets buying the Potty Trainer, and it has helped our child not just with learning how to use the toilet, but we continue to use it well afterwards.  It’s just the right size for little behinds and they have no fear of falling in.  There’s nothing extra to clean and nothing icky to empty.  I recommend it to all my mom friends!

– Diane – Owner of Kids Deal Club

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