Reasons to Buy Integrated Toilet Training Seat

Many Parents struggle with how they should handle and what they should do when it comes to toilet training there child. We have put together our top 10 reasons why we think that using the Easy Potty Trainer integrated toilet seat is the best solution.

Teddy bear showing how to use toilet


  1.  No more cleaning out floor pottys and removable rings.
  2.  Your toddler will feel just like mommy and daddy when using Easy Potty.  This will increase there confidence when potty training. 
  3.  Available in Round & Elongated Sizes.  Most potty seats are only available for round toilets.
  4.  It is easy to install and attractive for any bathroom decor. 
  5.  Your toddler can use Easy Potty well into there toddler years.   
  6.  Adult and child seating areas lift easily and close slowly, creating a safe place for little fingers.
  7.  Gets your child out of diapers sooner.
  8.  Rigid construction, child can climb on and off easily, without fear of falling in or off of toilet.
  9.  Custom design allows children to sit up front in a relaxed hands-free position for extended periods.
  10. Less Clean Up.