baby potty training

About Us

Easy Potty Trainer is a part of Beauty Saunas and Baths and is an innovative company, providing quality bathroom fixtures based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada looking to supply North America with the new easy way to potty train. Easy Potty Trainer, the integrated Adult and Child toilet seat, is sold to retail and wholesale markets in two sizes, round and elongated. We believe in our mission: to market Easy Potty Trainer at wholesale prices with excellent distribution in stores across Canada, trade shows, home base businesses for moms and online to make potty training your little one an exciting, positive and easy to achieve your end result experience.

Beauty Saunas and Baths is dedicated to 100% Customer Satisfaction and Delight as defined by our customers. Our products are tested under real world conditions and manufactured to last. We are happy to stand behind our product and services with true integrity and pride. Our top priority is customer service and competitive prices for you to enjoy the easy way to potty train your child.

As makers of the Easy Potty Trainer integrated toilet seat. I felt the need for something better that was simply not available. As a parent and having to deal with difficult task of toilet training my 2 boys, When I looked what was available on the market there simply was nothing practical. There were only messy pee bowls dressed up to look like toys or else there were some unsafe contraptions which were not durable and were not easy to change so others besides the kids could use the toilet. That is when we came up with the EASY POTTY TRAINER which allows children to learn to use the toilet properly from the very beginning allowing them to learn faster and to feel secure when using the toilet. In doing so they feel like a big kid which enforces there wanting to use the toilet like older ones in the house.